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TODO Nursery

Mattress COCOS LUX

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€112,50 EUR
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€112,50 EUR

Medium firm mattress for your baby. Offers great support and breathability thanks to the combination of Silvertek foam and cocos blocks. Mattress base consists of cocos plates that offer great breathability and the orthopedic firmness that supports all of your babies body parts. Silvertek foam - very durable material with resistance to deformation, highly antibacterial and does not store smells.

Mattress size thickness 10cm.


Mattress contents :

  1. Cotton
  2. Cocos 1cm
  3. Silvertek foam 3cm
  4. Cocos 1cm
  5. Silvertek foam 3cm
  6. Cocos 1cm
  7. Cotton

Why choose TODO NURSERY's mattress :

  • Made in Latvia
  • OEKO TEX certificate for all materials
  • Highly Breathable
  • Great support for all body parts
  • 5 year warranty