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TODO Nursery

Mattress COCOS

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€86,25 EUR

COCOS mattress is firm mattress with great support to your child's back in the early ages. Mattress is made with cocos plates, Airytex foam and cotton. Airytex is a improved and updated substitute for paralon that is heating and increases chances of baby sweating. 

Thanks to Airytex technology the mattress has increased airflow capabilities meaning that your child will be less likely to sweat. 

The cocos plate is orthopedic for the baby and supports the back and does not deform it, since the baby in early stages are spending most of it's day sleeping. 

Mattress is covered with cotton - soft, natural material that absorbes moisture and quickly releases it. Neutralises static energy. 


Mattress size thickness 7cm.


Mattress contents :

  1. Cotton
  2. Cocos 1cm
  3. Airytex foam 5cm
  4. Cocos 1cm
  5. Cotton

Why choose TODO NURSERY's mattress :

  • Made in Latvia
  • OEKO TEX certificate for all materials
  • Breathable
  • Great support for all body parts
  • 5 year warranty