Terms of service

Distance agreement

            This Distance Agreement, based on Article 10 of the Consumer Right Protection Law and Cabinet Regulation No. 207 of 28 May 2002 “Regulations on Distance Contracts”. Rules about the distance agreement, is settled between SIA”TODO Nursery”, UR - 50203336261-  hereinafter – the Seller, on the one hand, and the Customer on the other hand, who make a purchase in the Company’s online store.

The distance agreement enters into force as soon as Customer has placed the order via Internet and received a call or confirmation from the Company’s representative about the confirmed order by e-mail. Orders and order confirmations are considered received when they can be accessed by the parties to whom they are addressed.

Purchasing order. Distance.

  1. The buyer order his purchase with help of an internet, when the Customer has read the full information of the product which is listed on the page www.todonursery.com, based on this contract rules, only then customer either provide us with personal data and delivery data and does the payment with his card, or if the payment has to be done with the bank transaction, then the Customer choosing the product selects as an payment the bank transaction, where the Customer send’s the Seller information about the product he is about to purchase, he’s personal information and bank data.

  2. The Seller after receiving the order from the Customer, within 2 working days confirms that, either by calling or sending an electronic message with offer to the Customer with Product description and technical data, price (with and without PVN), payment and delivery dates, warranty and after-sales service, also bill with all necessary information about the Sellers bank requisites, so the Customer could make the payment for his order.

Product price and order of the payment.

  1. Price of the product is price, for which the Seller is selling the product for the Customer.

  2. If for the relevant product has been show it’s minimal price (“starts with EUR”), the amount is based from the product technical specification, then the exact price of the Product is being showed at the confirmation offer by the Seller.

  3. Payment with bank card is being made, when this payment method has been selected, after the order has been made, by the Customer.

  4. The Customer after the agreement with the Seller, does the payment for the product in Euro’s (EUR), based on the Seller’s created bill, to the Seller’s given bank account LV(EUR), within 7 working days after the bill has been received.

  5. For the payment day is considered, the day when in the bill shown amount of money, has arrived in the Seller bank account.


Purchase order processing

  1. Order processing being when the Seller is confirmed the order and the Customer has made full payment for it.

  2. The order processing due date is based from the chosen Product category and is confirmed when the order has been made.

  3. Order counts as completed at moment, when Product has been given to the Customer.

Important part of the confirmation when the Product is being received, is the Seller’s given invoice with the Customer’s or authorized person’s signature and name/surname.

  1. If the Customer or authorized person at the time of delivery is not at it’s given address, the product is returned to the warehouse of the Seller, and repeated delivery to Customer has to paid by the rules of the delivery;

  2. If the Seller has made two repeated delivery’s to the given address of the Seller at it’s given time, but the Seller or authorized person is not at the address and time, the Buyer’s commitments are considered as completed.


When the Order has been completed, the commitments from the Seller towards the Customer are considered as completed.


Ownership from the Product and the responsibility is given from the Seller to the Customer when it is delivered.

Rights and obligations of the parties.

1. The Seller commits


  1. Sell the Product (baby cots, baby dressers or other) and deliver it based on the order;

  2. Give full information about the product and it manufacturing

  3. Deliver the product based on the Shipping policy.
  4. Inform (also via e-mail) the Buyer about change of order processing, if at the time when the Seller is processing the order, change the date of expected delivery.

  5. Check the Customer claims about the Product, order processing date’s or in reasonable time, also the answer to the Customer;

  6. Not later than 30(thirty days) payback to the Customer has to be made payment for the Product, if the Seller cannot do the order based on it conditions and the Customer has not given the confirmation to the changes.

  7. The Customer in the order give’s his personal information, including bank requisites, which can be used only for creating the invoice and processing of the order.

2. The Seller Rights

            1. After receiving the order in any misunderstandings to call the Customer, to specify either the information that is provided in order – Product/Customer.

            2. Don’t start the processing of the order if the payment has not been made.

            3. Don’t accept any claims about Production nonconformity based on this agreement section Nr.7, if the Product has any visual or technical, which have arisen due to fault of the Customer and which restricts the further sale or return of the Product to the manufacturer of the Product.

3. The Seller have rights one sided to change the agreement terms, without violating the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.

4.Customer commits

Give correct information about the Product he have chosen and about himself, so the Seller could complete fully his commitments, due to any misunderstanding he could communicate with the Seller either through phone or e-mail.

  1. Pay for the product based on price which is given in order and bill.

  2. Receive the Product base on the terms which are giving in order.

5.Customer Rights


  1. Receive the Product according to the order.

  2. Moneyback for the Product, if the Seller can’t make the order based on order terms and the Customer does not agree with new terms.

  3. Due warranty period of the Product, give a feedback about the Product quality.


  1. Product quality and warranty.

  1. The Seller is responsible for selling quality Products and delivery based on the Products technical specifications and order.

  2. Both sides agrees that period and warranty is 24 months(twenty four) from the day when the Product is delivered to the Customers use. Warranty is eligible if the Customer follows rules for use and uses the Product based on its technical specification.


Responsibilities of the parties.


  1. The Parties shall be fully responsible for the fulfillment of their obligations in accordance with laws and regulations in force.

  2. If during the performance of the Agreement one the parties has encountered any obstacles, which is beyond the control of the parties, then the party which encounters the obstacle informs the other party, so the agreement for further action could be made.


Rights of Cancellation  


  1. Rights of cancellation is the Customer rights to cancel the agreement one sided in certain time, without paying the Seller the loses. Sending the cancelation which will end the agreement in certain time and frees him from any contractual obligations, except for the costs related to the return of the Product to the Seller.

  2. The Customer has rights to return the Product within 14 days(fourteen) calendar working days, since the moment he have received it, by sending the Seller a cancelation application in free form (stating name, surname, address, proof of purchase and the reason why the product is being returned)- to e-mail info@todonursery.com

When the product is being returned the Customer has to show the document which confirms the purchase. The Customer can return the Product within 14 days, which meets the Distance Agreement terms.

  1. The Customer duty is within 7 (seven) days after cancelation letter is sent, to return the product to the Seller. All the costs which applies for returning the product cover’s the Customer.

  2. To use cancelation policy from the Product. The Customer is responsible for quality and security, as well as Products value decreasing due to incorrect usage. If the Product is returned with any incorrect usage signs, the Seller keeps the right to not take the return.

  3. The Seller after receiving the cancelation letter and Product is returned immediately ,but not later then 30 (thirty) days return the money to Customer, to his given bank account, the amount of money which has been paid for the Product. Otherwise, if the Seller does not receive the cancelation letter or Product within the correct order. The Seller keeps the rights to not return the money for Product The Customer paid.

  4. The money will be returned using the same provider that was used for purchasing the product. 

Customer must send the returned purchase to this address : Parka iela 24a-47, Limbaži, Latvija, LV-4001





The Company undertakes not to disclose or transfer any information about the Customer to third parties without the written consent of the Customer, in case of such violation of the Republic of Latvia or this agreement.


Dispute resolution procedure.


            Any disputes and disagreements that may arise or will arise between the Parties during the implementation of this Agreement shell be settled by negotiations between the Parties. If no agreement is reached the dispute shall be submitted to a court of law in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.