Refund policy


  • Rights of cancellation is the Customer rights to cancel the agreement one sided in certain time, without paying the Seller the loses. Sending the cancelation which will end the agreement in certain time and frees him from any contractual obligations, except for the costs related to the return of the Product to the Seller.

  • The Customer has rights to return the Product within 14 days(fourteen) calendar working days, since the moment he have received it, by sending the Seller a cancelation application in free form (stating name, surname, address, proof of purchase and the reason why the product is being returned)- to e-mail

When the product is being returned the Customer has to show the document which confirms the purchase. The Customer can return the Product within 14 days, which meets the Distance Agreement terms.

  • The Customer duty is within 7 (seven) days after cancelation letter is sent, to return the product to the Seller. All the costs which applies for returning the product cover’s the Customer.

  • To use cancelation policy from the Product. The Customer is responsible for quality and security, as well as Products value decreasing due to incorrect usage. If the Product is returned with any incorrect usage signs, the Seller keeps the right to not take the return.

  • The Seller after receiving the cancelation letter and Product is returned immediately ,but not later then 30 (thirty) days return the money to Customer, to his given bank account, the amount of money which has been paid for the Product. Otherwise, if the Seller does not receive the cancelation letter or Product within the correct order. The Seller keeps the rights to not return the money for Product The Customer paid.

The return address for all returns - Parka iela 24a-47, Limbazi, Latvia, LV-4001

* Purchases made in crypto currnecies will not be accpeted for return. Because of the market fluctuations.