Our Mission


Our mission is a big one. Although the steps we are taking are tiny, we believe that with the right attitude, perception and belief in what you do, we can make a difference. We will plant a tree for every product sold. Why? Because we care for the environment. We wish to give our children greener planet than the one we came to. This is a big one, we know and we cannot do that alone. That's why we need your help. By buying one piece of furniture, we will plant a Birch tree and give you the opportunity to do the same. With every piece of furniture you will receive a beautiful product for your little one and a little set with birch growing accessories. This kit includes a seed, a instruction, a little paper pot and piece of turf so you can grow your own tree from a seed. Together we can make this planet greener. 

Here in Latvia we have a tradition - to plant a tree for every child, so that it represents the strenght and the greatness of that person. Baltic Birch is world know for it's strenght and durability, so we feel like this would be a perfect tree for your little hero. In our opinion this is a very beautiful and meaningful tradition that needs to be spread for wider communities. 

Only together we can change the course of our planet. By planting one tree for every product sold we return about 10 times more back to the nature than the amount we took to produce the product. If you use the option we give you, then TOGETHER WE ARE GIVING 20x MORE. We feel like for our tiny steps that's a fair amount to start returning to our planet. At this very moment when the forests are cut out in pace we have never seen before it is vital that we start to change the course from the other side.

Of course this is a tiny force against the issue, but to change something we need to believe in that change.

You trust us with your little ones sleeping quality, we promise to not leave a trace in our forests, that produce oxygen for all of us. 

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