About Us

I would like you to hear our story.

All of this started 18 years ago. Back then I had no idea that these actions will lead to a future wrapped around wood and wooden production. And that someday I would myself produce wooden baby furniture and baby cots. 
18 years ago started my summers that I spent with my Grandfather Wil. My Grandfather was a carpenter. And he was fantastic at that - man with golden hands, some said. During those summers he would teach me woodworking, we would do simple tasks as making planks for the fence around his house. Sanding and then painting. I really enjoyed it. I would like to believe that he was the first person to point me in the direction that I have come to now.
My brightest memory of these summers is one day when he decided to make a wind vane for me. He let me saw, sand and paint the details, he told me about how to make a propeller but back then of course I did not understand the technique he used and it is forgotten now, but the fact being that my granddad made a propeller with his own hands. I'm still astonished today of the craftsmanship that it took, because he did not have Youtube DIY tutorials or google where he could get some tips. That was all 100% his skills. And the quality was flawless as well, he always stood his ground on few things. One of them was quality and that better to be late than giving to a customer a product that has been rushed and you're not happy with. Because what is better ? That customer talks about few past due days but flawless product or a unfinished product in time?

Unfortunately I have started to appreciate him more and more over the years of me growing older and seeing things that he saw more clearly. I have realised only now how brilliant he really was. But as it is with everything in life, we really start to appreciate only when we have lost something. 
He was a huge influence for me. He was the reason why I love woodworking so much. 
18 years later I still have the wind vane. It still works and shows the direction of wind.
Unfortunately my granddad is not here anymore to see how his influence earlier in my life have shaped me and led to creating my design nursery furniture, but I would like to believe that he is with me at all times and somehow he has helped me to get here.