Our newest products - LINEN BED COVERS

Team behind TODO Nursery :

  • Paula Vingre | Marketing and Sales

  • Rihards Vizla | Owner and CEO

  • Gordons Vingris | Head of Security

  • Modern and Simple design

    We aim to reach modern standards for the looks of furniture. Nowadays that is one of the most important aspects when choosing a furniture for your home and we are 100% behind that.

  • Safety 1# priority

    Safety is the #1 priority for TODO Nursery. That's why our products have been manufactured from strong and durable materials and they confirm to EU standards and safety regulations, to ensure that we give you the best possible product.

  • Environmental footprint

    Now when the forests are being cut down like never before it is more important than ever for companies to reduce their footprint in the planet. We are a forward thinking company that does that. For every sold product we plant a tree. That is a 10X return to the mother nature.